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At Carolina Turning we use many different exotic woods. It is impossible for us to post all of the different woods we use. Below are pictures of our most popular woods that we turn when we make our pens. Every piece of wood is unique to itself and has its own specific grain and coloring. Because we use a natural product to make our pens, each pen we turn can look different even though we use the same wood. Your custom-made pen will be a version of the wood pictured below. This is what we love about using a natural product. Each piece we make is a one-of-a-kind treasure.

Please take a moment to look through the woods below to help you decide what wood you would like your custom designed pen made from then go to our Shop Page and you will be able to select the finish and wood of each item you wish to order. Again, it is impossible for us to list all of the woods we have use. If you have been to our booth at the Charleston Market and seen a pen made out of a different wood than what I have listed, just email us and let us know what you are interested in. We will take care of you.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Turnaround time on all orders is usually around 2 weeks, since all orders are made for you specifically after you purchase.


      Ambrosia Maple - This is wood from a Maple tree that has been infested with the Ambrosia Beetle. This beetle bores tunnels in the wood and a fungus grows that causes the black and gray streaks. As the tree matures the streaks create a beautiful pattern.

     Bethlehem Olive Wood - A light wood with a beautiful dark grain. Straight from Israel and comes with a certificate of authenticity with each pen.

    Black & White Ebony - A cream colored base with jet-black streaks and stripes throughout. This wood originates from Southeast Asia and Laos.

    Bocote - One of our favorites! It is a Mexican wood with a black grain over a yellow/brown wood that gives it a striking appearance.

     Buckeye Burl - Buckeye Tree is from the easter US and California. It is a lightweight wood and has beautiful clusters and color variations. A burl is an unnatural growth on the bark of a tree sometimes called tree tumors. They have beautiful unique patterns in grain.

    Canary Wood - This wood is very strong and grows in South America. It can grow 100 feet high, and some trunks can be up do 3 feet wide. It is a light wood with reddish streaks.

     Chakte Viga - Bright orange to golden brown this wood is from tropical areas of Mexico and Central America. Grain is usually straight and sometimes interlocked.

     Cherry Burl - A domestic wood that is reddish brown showing unusual small eye burls. Cherry Burl is a favorite for many wood working projects.

    Cocobolo - A hardwood that comes from a species of trees in Central America. Everyone loves Cocobolo!! Beautiful orange/red wood with darker stripes. It is my favorite! So many variations of colors and markings.

    Curly Maple - Curly maple is favored by musical instrument craftsman. It is called "Curly" due to the unique patterns and grain effects in the wood.

     Desert Ironwood - From Southwestern United States and Northwestern Mexico this wood ranges from an orangish yellow to a darker red or brown. Sometimes displaying darker violet streaks and sometimes almost all black.

     Ebony - Almost completely black in appearance. Known for being used in many musical instrument parts it is a very hard wood.

    Goncalo Alves - Sometimes this wood is referred to as Tiger wood, brown with dark streaks that can give it a unique look.

     Kingwood - A true rosewood from Brazil that has brownish/purple colors with nice dark stripes running through the wood for great contrast.

     Macassar Ebony - Predominantly black with hints for brown stripes. this wood is from Indonesia and is a heavy hard wood.

     Maple Burl - This wood comes from a Maple tree that has a knotted disfiguration in the wood. A burl is an unnatural growth on the bark of a tree sometimes called tree tumors. They have beautiful unique patterns in grain.

     Padauk - This is an exotic wood that is deep orange, almost crimson color wood with a nice grain pattern. Its origins are Africa and Asia. It grows in small groups and is common in rain forests. 

     Purpleheart - A deep purple wood that turns darker as it ages. The grain is usually straight but sometimes wavy and irregular.

     Red Flame Box Elder - This wood is yellowish brown, often with red or pink streaks. The streaks are produced by the trees natural defense when injured.

     Spalted Tamarind - Tamarind wood is a beautiful wood from Southeast Asia. It comes from wood found on the forest ground that has been left in very damp warm conditions. The patterns are very unique and caused by insects.


Natural Items

     Deer Antler - This is the perfect material to use on the Bolt Action Pen or the Lever Action Pen for the avid hunter!

     Pinecone - Believe it, this turns into a beautiful light to dark pen with pinecone spots - (limited availability)

      Crushed Seashell - These are crushed seashells that have been set with a poly resin liquid creating a beautiful cream-colored blank for us to turn into a unique pen.


We also make many of our items in other woods I do not have listed here. These are all available at our booth at the Charleston City Market on most Friday and Saturday evenings or Sundays.